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James Krenov…Legendary Woodworker 1920-2009

James Krenov...Legendary Woodworker 1920-2009

James Krenov

James Krenov passed away September 9, 2009 as many of you know. However, all you have to do is to look at his furniture designs or read one of his books to be inspired by the energy of this legendary woodworker and author from Fort Bragg, California. James, founder and teacher of the College of the Redwoods and builder of wonderful, custom furniture with a unique style unto its own built wooden hand planes in his later years.  Even the thought of James Krenov in woodworking shop at his workbench he seems to resonate a certain passion about woodworking. His passion was indeed a personal excitement. It almost seems as if his enthusiasm for his wood craft has a life of its own and yet is quite infectious when this renowned cabinetmaker would speak. Perhaps this gives insight into the custom woodworking of this man and also to his writings of the woodcraft. When one talks of The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking it is quite understandable that James wrote the book.

James Krenov, woodworker, cabinetmaker, teacher and author, was born on October 31, 1920. He died on September 9, 2009, at the age of 88.

The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

Congratulations to!

There are now 20,000 Lumberjocks members on This woodworking website was created by Martin Sojka. The following is a quote from Martin.

“I was dreaming about reaching 100 LumberJocks one day when I launched this website in 2005… Then, when it got going, 1,000 seemed likely but 20,000? No way! Fast forward to July 2010 and it’s party time once again in our family of 20,000 LumberJocks. I’m thankful and overcome with happiness that you decided to make this online community part of your life.

Sometimes I come across a post about ‘the good old days’. Yes, ‘the old days’ were really good but despite our huge growth I’m sure that our core essence is still intact and it will prevail. This woodworking community is still about creating, sharing, inspiring, motivating and learning. As a result, you can admire more fantastic projects and follow more successful woodworking stories every day.

I assure you that great news and updates are coming soon and that I will always strive to preserve our unique LumberJocks spirit.”

Thank you Martin for creating a terrific site and a wonderful woodworking online community. Here’s to your continued success and to the further success of fellow woodcrafters known as Lumberjocks !

Mastering the Miter Joint

How to Make a Miter Joint

Perfect Miter Joint made with a table saw miter sledA miter joint is one of the most common wood joints. This woodworking tutorial features a woodworking video on cutting a perfect miter joint. If you’ve done carpentry or woodworking there probably was a time or two that the fitting of a  miter joint was a challenge. Maybe you have been cutting miter joints using a miter saw. This video shows a better way of how the miter joint can be cut. It  fits with great accuracy and is done safely. It can be performed with ease every single time by employing the table saw miter sled. The woodworking technique is predictable and duplicatable. Watch the video and learn how to make a great miter joint.

What if you could take your wood projects to another level? Now you can. You can feel comfortable cutting one miter or hundreds of miter joints as the table saw miter sled method ensures accuracy and efficiency. Simply follow the techniques used in the woodworking video. As you will see, all four of the miter cuts line up the way they are supposed to. A woodworker can cut perfect miter joints every single time using this woodworking system.

Note: Prior to the demonstration of building the picture frame a new Woodworker II saw blade was installed on the tablesaw. A Wixey digital angle gauge was used to calibrate the saw blade to ensure it would be set at 90 degrees to the table saw bed. This is a must to achieve the correct miter angles.

Perfect Miter Joint secured with an Ulmia spring pinch clamp - Miter Joint ClampsNotice how the Ulmia spring pinch clamps were used to hold the miters together during glue up. These miter joint clamps are invaluable as they provide adequate pressure to hold the miter joint. Simply find a place on your woodworking bench, glue and align the joints, and open and close the Ulmia pinch clamps. It saves time and it’s that easy. (You’ll love these pinch clamps. I highly recommend them as they hold the miter joint tight while the glue sets. You’ll be glad to have them.)

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How to Make Perfect Miter Joints

The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

How to Build a Table Saw Miter Sled

How to Build a Table Saw Miter Sled

Table saw miter sled with 90 degree fenceHas there ever been a time that you’ve struggled to cut a perfect miter joint? Believe me, there’s no need to feel alone. All of us have had our challenges with the miter joint at one time or another. This woodworking article and video show how to make a precision crosscut known as the table saw miter sled.

So, let’s say that we want to build a woodworking project like a picture frame and we are looking to create four dead on miters joints. What’s going to be the woodworking tool of choice? We could use a table saw miter gauge  or a miter saw for cutting our joinery. We could use a fine handsaw and block plane. I think you’ll agree that they are a number of ways that a woodworker can cut miter joints for our wood projects. However, what’s the best method for getting outstanding results? Have you ever considered the dedicated table saw miter sled?

Table Saw Miter Sled measured with a Wixey Digital ProtractorFor my money I’ll use the table saw miter sled with a quality saw blade any day because an accurate miter sled gives the woodworker a greater amount of control over the material being cut. The centralized miter fence needs to be accurately set to 90 degrees when the the miter sled is being constructed. Since you’ll be making both a left miter cut and a right miter cut, you are guaranteed a joint that will add up to 90 degrees every time. This is provided that the material is properly secured and and also provided that there is no sawdust or debris between the material and the fence that it rest against. The perfect miter joints are predictable and duplicatable when a woodworker uses the table saw miter sled.

Cutting perfect miters with the Table Saw Miter SledPerhaps you already have a table saw miter sled. If you do not have one, it’s not a problem because they are simple to build just like other cross cut sleds. Just take your time and enjoy the process. Before long you too will be cutting miters for your wood projects efficiently and confidently every single time. You will quickly notice an increased quality to your woodworking when you make a decision to build this saw sled. A dedicated table saw miter sled provides the woodworker with a tremendous advantage. This advantage is called accuracy.This woodworking tutorial walks you through all the steps of building the table saw sled.

Your materials on hand may differ from mine and that’s OK. Use what you have available.

(The following are the materials that were used to build my table saw miter sled.)

1/2″ Baltic birch plywood is used as the miter sled base. The runners and handles are of hard maple. Paraffin wax is applied to the bottom of the miter sled to allow for a better sliding action.

Cutting perfect miters on the table saw miter sledThe table saw miter sled can also be used as a cross cut sled by leaving space between interior miter fences and the fence closest to the woodworker. A SketchUp model for the dedicated table saw miter sled has been created for your convenience. Access Google’s 3D Warehouse for the Table Saw miter sled plan. (Google offers a free acount if you do not already have one.)

Let me know how the dedicated table saw miter sled works out for you. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to build a better miter sled, then I’d love to hear about it. If you have any pictures of your miter sled that you’d like to send just click “Contact“.

This episode is part of the Let’s Build Series

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How to Make Perfect Miter Joints

The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

Wood Inlay Bandings…Making a Statement

Wood Inlay Bandings

wood inlay bandings and picture frames

The picture frames with wood inlay bandings are of African mahogany with walnut splines that accent the miter joints. These picture frames and wood inlay banding have been made from scratch in the woodworking shop. As you can see wood inlay bandings can make quite a statement when applied in your woodworking project. On one hand the wooden picture frames would be plenty nice on their own, however the wood design created by the pattern within the wood inlay bandings provides an eye catching and distinctive contrast. The ornamental qualities of the wood inlay  seems to persuade one to come closer to take a better look. Perhaps this is the very reason why inlay has been used by various cultures over the millenniums to adorn and embellish anything from the neck and body of a fine guitar to the tombs of Pharaohs from ancient Egypt.


Bandsaw technique used to cut segments for Wood Inlay BandingsWood inlay bandings come in many styles, patterns, and sizes. While one can purchase inlay bandings online or in a woodworking catalog, it is actually more rewarding when a woodworker makes their own custom bandings. Yes, it does take some time and a bit of patience. However, that is what woodworking is all about. A woodworker can make wood inlay patterns using basic hand tools or power tools.



Barber Pole Wood Inlay BandingsIf you decide to follow this woodworking blog, you can easily see how the techniques and inlay patterns used to create bandings have evolved over time. You will find that the band saw has become an integral tool employed in the making of decorative wood inlay bandings. When you study this information, you will undoubtedly discover original and useful woodworking techniques that can help you immensely when you decide to create your own wood inlay bandings. If you have read this far, it is time to get started making your own bandings. Let me know how it works out for you.


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Wood Inlay…the Bandings are ready

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The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

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