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Sam Maloof…woodworking interview…1982

Sam Maloof, a master craftsman provides an insight into his work during this wonderful 21 minute interview that took place back in 1982. During this interview furnituremaker sits down and shares how he got started in woodworking without any formal training and he also shares with us his process of designing and building custom made furniture such as his famous rocking chair. As Sam continues he goes on to describe the wood finish that he applies to his furniture and also gives his recommendation on maintaining the finish when the wood project is completed.

During this woodworking video we will join the legendary craftsman in his woodworking shop where Sam freehand cuts the arms of a rocker on his band saw. We will witness the assortment of woodworking patterns for his furniture projects that Sam has made and accumulated throughout his woodworking career. Then we get the opportunity to watch Sam as he assembles a rocking chair by first starting with the seat and then by fitting components into their respectful joints. Sam goes on to shape parts of the chair with a router and and then uses hand tools for further shaping of the piece. We will then witness Sam as he applies his shop-made wood finish to complete this woodworking project.

To learn more of the Maloof Legacy pick up a copy of the September – October 2010 Woodworker West magazine. The article details how the three men who worked with Sam Maloof are continuing to create furniture designed by Sam.
For more information visit Maloof Woodworker, Inc

For more information about the Maloof Foundation (tours and events)

Check out more interviews and articles of Sam Maloof by Fine Woodworking magazine .

The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

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