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Table Saw Miter Sled

The importance of a Table Saw Miter Sled

Table Saw Miter Sled with 90 degree fenceThe table saw miter sled is one of the most important shop built fixtures in my woodworking shop. A beginning woodworker would probably ask why a miter sled for the table saw is so important. First of all, the miter joint is one of the basic woodworking joints and is used commonly. Yet, why not just use a miter saw to cut miters? The miter saw cuts miters at 45 degrees and so it seems to be simply enough to just cut a left and right miter to make a 90 degree miter joint. With the miter sled for the table saw that I am recommending, you will learn how to cut miter joints with accuracy and with ease.


The Limitations of a Miter Saw

Steve's table saw miter sled 2The truth is that using a miter saw to cut miters is fine in most cases if you are just cutting one mitered joint at a time. However, if you are cutting multiple miter joints for a woodworking project like a picture frame, it becomes a bit more complex. In the case of cutting 4 miter joints, each miter joint needs to be “dead on.”  This means that each miter joint has to add up to 90 degrees or otherwise you could end up with at least one open miter joint. Trust me, that is not what we want.


Reasons for Using a Table Saw Miter Sled

Table Saw Miter Sled for Picture FramesSo, cutting accurate miter joints can present itself as a challenge for many beginning woodworkers or even intermediate woodworkers. However, you can take your joinery skills to an advanced level by making and using a table saw miter sled. Once you have a miter sled for the table saw and understand how it is used, you will be able to cut perfect miter joints every time for your wood projects. Plus and more importantly, you will be able to make miter joints with confidence rather than worrying if the joint will fit properly.


How to Build a Table Saw Miter Sled


I have written a post about how to build a miter sled and also created the above video for fellow woodworkers. It is an easy step by step woodworking project. When you complete your table saw miter sled you will be able to cut perfect miter joints with confidence as well as greatly improve your woodworking skills.

You may be interested in the following woodworking articles and woodworking videos that I have produced that will help you with gluing miter joints and clamping miter joints.

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