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  1. Bob, good morning. I found you thru watching your videos and am a fellow LJ’s member. I’ve made some basic inlay banding and am happy with the first effort except that when cutting the parts the 1/2″ 4 tpi blade left way too much “fuzz” got that sorted by having to hand sand all the parts. I’m wondering if you use a different band saw blade these days?

  2. Pat,
    Consider using a zero clearance when cutting segments. For example, when I make my cuts using the band saw sleds, the cut into each sled is just the width of the blade kerf. Also, when ripping, you can use a zero clearance insert in the table. Or, position a thin piece of scrap onto the table and feed it into the saw blade and beyond. Then, make your rips on top of that. It will prevent the bottom of your rips from blowing out. Good question! Hope this helps.

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