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Furniture Dolly for a Woodworking Shop

Consider getting a Furniture Dolly for the Shop

A furniture dolly is an important tool in my workshop. As a woodworker you might ask why I would recommend this to you. This simple answer is that a furniture dolly will save your back over the years and it will make life easier for you. Trust me. I have used the same furniture dolly for around 40 years now. In my career as a commercial carpenter I travelled from floor to floor and up and down elevators with my heavy carpenters tool box in tow. Indeed, rolling a box of tools is much easier than carrying a heavy load all over the place.

furniture dolly

These days my furniture dolly is in my woodworking shop. As you can imagine, it is very useful for moving woodworking supplies in and out of the shop. My 4 wheel dolly is also great holding supplies temporarily in one part of the workshop until I locate a place to permanently place the items. Plus, you will find many uses for your cart around the house when it is time for moving things.

My flat cart dolly is made up of an rectangular oak frame with half lap joints and screwed on top of the frame is 5/8 inch plywood . There are 4 casters. The lead casters swivel while the rear casters are non-swiveling. I use a 3/8 rope to pull the furniture dolly and the rope is attached to the 2 forward corners of the cart. This makes for easy steering. If you decide to build your own dolly, make sure to be selective about the casters that you choose.

Select a Furniture Dolly:


Vestil FWD-1824-3R Fiberwood Dolly with 3″ Rubber Casters, 800 lbs Capacity


Edsal CBD1836 Industrial Gray Heavy Duty Steel Modular Workspace Storage System Cabinet Dolly, 1000lbs Capacity, 36″ Width x 4″ Height x 18″ Depth


SPACECARE 4 Rubber Locking Swivel Wheels Telescopic Dolly Roller With Size Adjustable-STFD001


Monster Moving Supplies Mt10001 Wood 4-wheel Piano H Dolly

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