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Koa Wood for a Woodworking Project

For this new woodworking project we have created the challenge for ourselves to build a jewelry box using a limited amount of material on hand. The Koa wood for this woodworking plan was purchased on the Hawaiian island of Kauai three years ago while on vacation. Since the wonderfully grained exotic wood is in limited supply we have saved it for the building of fine woodworking projects. This is the remaining material. So, in order to complete the wooden box we will need to focus on accuracy from start to finish while practicing a variety of woodworking techniques. We will need to keep our workshop skills honed to make it happen. Join me as we learn how to make koa wood veneers to build a decorative jewelry box.

Slicing Koa wood veneers on the Band Saw

Recommended Video…Let’s Build a Jewelry Box…Part 1

Woodworking Tips and Techniques include:
Slicing wood veneer on the Band Saw.
Laminating veneers and using a Vacuum Press.
Cutting 45 degree miters using a Flat Board Miter Sled for the Table Saw.
Cutting miters using the Dedicated Miter Sled for the Table Saw.
Using a Sacrificial Fence and Dado Blades to cut rabbets on the Table Saw.
A Glue-up Technique simplified by using tape.
Wood Turning on the Wood Lathe.
Creating a Wedged Tenon Joint.

The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

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