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Super Holiday Deals in the A&J Tool Store

Here are some woodworking tools from the A & J Tool Store that you may find useful in your shop whether you are an apprentice or a journeyman. Most of these tools are already in my woodworking shop and many of you have seen them used in my woodworking videos and in the blog postings. The Forrest Woodworker II saw blade is a standard for the table saw. Actually, the shop has three of these saw blades. The reason that there are three blades is because this assures that the table saw will always have a fresh, sharp blade. Generally, two of the table saw blades are sent for sharpening at a time and this allows for a fresh saw blade to be available for cutting the current wood project.

The Wixey digital angle gauge is used for assuring saw blade setups when cutting on the table saw, miter saw, and even the band saw. This set up tool allows the woodworker to confidently make cuts at the intended angle. It simply removes any guess work. See how the Wixey digital angle gauge is employed in the following woodworking videos and articles.

The Wixey 8" digital protractor is an invaluable tool you have seen used during the segmented woodturning articles and videos like when the ring segments are being cut. The digital protractor takes the guess work out of the equation and replaces it with accuracy.

The Milwaukee 18 volt compact drill and impact driver set is used often in the shop. It is great to have the drill and the separate impact driver on hand and ready for any woodworking projects. It comes with 2 long lasting batteries and a charger.

The dial caliper is a tool that is used all the time in the shop. A woodworker continually strives to improve his skills and maintain accuracy. This affordable tool allows the craftsman to be dead on accurate. Using a digital or dial caliper will take your woodworking projects and skills to a higher level. We want to always strive to improve our skills as well as our accuracy. This precious tool truly makes a difference. Once a woodworker starts using a good digital or dial caliper he won't go back to his previous methods of measuring.

The Porter Cable 895 PK 12 amp 2-1/4 HP Fixed and Plunge Base Router is a great combination to have in the shop. The fixed base is continually used in the router table and it is easy enough to set up the router for a plunge base operation when necessary.

A few of these tools are not in the shop (yet). The tools not in the shop are the Bosch 12'' dual bevel slide miter saw, the Robert Sorby lathe gouges, and the Jet variable speed mini lathe. The miter saw is included on this list because of my preference to have this miter saw over the one currently in the shop. A few nice features included with this saw are the cutting capacity it offers and the limited rear travel of the saw guide rails. The list also includes the named brand Robert Sorby lathe gouges because they would be a welcome upgrade. The Jet mini lathe is also included because of its great reputation and also because this would be a terrific lathe for either the apprentice or the journeyman wood turner. This lathe would be great for turning smaller objects such as pens. The mini lathe would also work well for someone who wants to turn, but it limited in shop space. Many woodturners today have a mini lathe as well as their full size lathe.

Also added to this list is the Bosch Colt Router with the edge guide. This is a very handy sized router to have in the shop and is well known for its performance.

The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

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