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Decorative Door Knockers of Florence, Italy

“Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.”
Michelangelo…Italian sculptor, painter, architect, & poet. (1475-1564)

Enjoy the decorative door knockers from Florence, Italy. Many front doors have knobs, hinges, and knockers of unique design of cast iron and solid brass. It is here that we will feature some wonderful door knockers and one very special solid brass door knob.

Florence, Italy is considered the birthplace to the Italian Renaissance and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Some of the worlds greatest masterpieces of art are housed in this capital city of the Italian region called Tuscany. Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, Michelangelo, Bottecelli, Galileo Galilei, and Brunelleschi are just a few of the creative geniuses from Florence that have made huge impacts in their chosen fields. This wonderful city along the banks of the Arno River exudes beauty in its many museums, churches, palaces, parks, and art galleries.

The influences of the arts can be found anywhere in Florence and even when one is simply taking a casual walk along the city streets. It was here that I photographed the decorative door knockers of Florence. The woodworker in me could not help but notice the massive doors of many buildings that were embellished with fanciful antique door hardware. It was in short time that I came to expect unique and creative designs with the antique door knockers as they started to appear often to me along my walks. Who knows how old these door accessories actually are as their buildings are centuries old.

Note: A brass knob is also included in this set as it was too unique and special not to include in this grouping.

Enjoy the following… Which one is your favorite?

Door Hardware of Florence, ItalyUnique Lion's Head door hardware from Florence, Italy

Antique door knocker from Florence, ItalyAntique door knocker from Florence, Italy

Antique door knocker from Florence, ItalyCarved Lion's Head door hardware from Florence, Italy

Unique door knocker from Florence, ItalyAntique lion head door knocker from Florence, Italy

Antique gargoyle door knocker from Florence, ItalyUnique door knocker from Florence, Italy

Unique door knocker from Florence, ItalyBrass door handle from Florence, Italy

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