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SketchUp of the Dedicated Tablesaw Miter Sled

Tablesaw Miter Sled Plans – SketchUp

Tablesaw Miter Sled - Crosscut Miter sled for table saw

Woodworking plans are great for the woodworker as they help you visualize the material that you need as well as give you the necessary layout.

tablesaw miter sled plansA 3D model of the dedicated tablesaw miter sled for the table saw is now available as a free download. It can be downloaded at this link. Google offers free accounts if you do not already have an existing account. This woodworking plan is great for the woodworker as it helps you visualize the material that you need as well as give you the necessary layout.

Keep in mind that the tablesaw miter sled dimensions and the layout of the runners may vary for your table saw. Also, use the available materials that you have and customize the miter sled to your needs. You’ll find that building the tablesaw miter sled is an easy process that can greatly enhance your woodworking skills as well as give you greater control and accuracy when creating your wood projects. Having the miter sled available in you woodworking shop can and will help you to take your skills to a higher level.

Video #6…Building a Dedicated Miter Sled and Video #7…Mastering the Miter Joint will help walk you through the processes of building and using the tablesaw miter sled.

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Let me know how it works out for you. If you have sled photos that you’d like to share, feel free to  contact me.

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