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Steve’s Woodworking Shop Tour

This woodworking shop tour: is shared with us by Steve P., a fellow woodworker from Australia. Steve is a locksmith by trade and an avid woodworker. As you can easily see when taking this woodworking shop tour,  Steve’s shop is quite efficient. He makes the most of his space in his garage shop. His work space is very clean and comfortable which makes for an enjoyable woodworking experience. The clean shop also makes for a safe working environnment.

And now from Steve…

G’day Bob, from Tropical Cairns Australia. I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me and sharing your wealth of knowledge with fellow woodworkers. I have made all of your various jigs etc over the past couple of years, and have, because of them and your wonderful instruction, been able to complete some excellent projects with real accuracy and quality of finish. Also, I’m a great fan of Ulmia pinch clamps.

Anyway mate, all the very best for you and your family in 2012. Looking forward to future A&J. Cheers.

Steve's Woodworking Shop Tour 1

Steve's Woodworking Shop Tour 2

Steve's Woodworking Shop Tour 3

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  1. Steve Paris says

    Hey Bob. Gee, I’m very humbled with your posting and kind remarks about my workshop. Your web site is just amazing now. I’m continually finding stuff I haven’t seen or read before. Bit like an Onion, the more layers you peel off, the more you find (and enjoy). Hey, didn’t you once have a video on how to make zero clearance table saw inserts, or am I going crazy ?. I’ve just about worn out the one’s that I made a couple of years ago, and was searching the site for the video, but couldn’t find it. Anyway Bob, thanks again for all your efforts. Cheers.

    Steve Paris
    Tropical Cairns
    Queensland Australia

  2. Hi Steve,

    Again, I thank you for sending your shop photos and comments. Pictures can say a lot and your shop reveals some great qualities of a very efficient and effective shop area. Many woodworkers can benefit from taking a look at your setup.

    Zero Clearance Inserts

    Here’s an article that I wrote a while back pertaining to zero clearance inserts.

    Anytime that you want to search for something on my site….you can find it through;

    1.) the search box at the upper right of the page.
    2.) Archives tab at the Top Menu.
    3.)The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

    Thanks for the support and kind words Steve. It’s greatly appreciated.

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