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35…Woodworking Tip – The Power of the Shim

Woodworking Tip – a Simple Shim


“Never underestimate the power of a single thought.”
Ender…Friend and Salesman…(1964-)

Woodworking Tip from a Friend


A Crosscut Sled, Table Saw and a Paper shim

A Crosscut Sled, Table Saw and a Paper shim

Have you ever tried to remove a small amount of material for a perfect fit? Sometimes it can be a challenge. Here’s a woodworking tip that just might work for you.

There are times that a little woodworking tip can make all the difference in the world for a woodworker. A small idea can be profound in its simplicity and that is the case with this woodworking tip. It was passed on to me during my apprenticeship by a journeyman whom I had the pleasure of working with for a many years. He has been gone a long time now. However, I am grateful to him for sharing this useful woodworking tip and technique. It is often employed while working in the wood shop. See if you agree.

We as woodworking craftsman continually strive to improve of skills. A woodworking tip can come in handy. In this video a lid for a jewelry box is being fit without a tape measure or carpenter’s ruler. See how to make the cut with the aid of a paper shim along with a crosscut sled on the table saw. Watch and you can see how to make the cut done by “sneaking up” on the crosscut to achieve a perfect fit.


Note: Tearout of the lid is eliminated by using the zero clearance crosscut sled.


The woodworking tip for the video segment is taken from a 6-part video series…Let’s Build a Jewelry Box.


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