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A Study of Creating Wood Inlay Bandings

How to Make Decorative Wood Inlay Bandings


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Ornamental Wood Inlay Bandings #1

Ornamental Wood Inlay Banding #1

We will refer to the banding in the illustration as “Banding #1” for the convenience of identity.

For this example the dimensions for the inlay package are 4″ x 10″ x 3/8″. For this instance the length of the sliced wood inlay bandings would work well for a typical picture frame that houses a 5″ x 7″ picture. When creating wood inlay bandings we need to keep in mind that the longest length our project will require us to make the banding a bit long. By making the hardwood inlay banding longer it will allow us leeway for cutting and fitting the banding into place to our liking.

A few items of importance with this study of decorative wood inlay bandings:

1.) Notice the direction of the wood grain for this pattern. (The line and arrows indicate the grain direction.) There is no end grain that will be exposed in the finished product.

2.) See how the design is created by using contrasting wood colors. (Example…walnut and maple.)

3.) Notice the sandwich of woods. The thicker walnut on top and bottom has a 1/16″ veneer of maple in between. This smaller sandwich was produced from a longer sandwich and was cut on the band saw using the crosscut sled with a stop block. All the smaller sandwiches have a length of 1-1/4″.

4.) The intermediate blocks of solid maple were cut on the band saw utilizing the band saw crosscut sled and a stop block. These maple blocks measure 4″ x 3/8 x 3/4″. By using the bandsaw crosscut sled they can safely be cut from dimensioned material that has a length of 7″ or so.

5.) The banding is ripped on the band saw to a thickness of 3/32″.

The wood inlay bandings are ideal when applied to furniture, jewelry boxes, and picture frames to name a few woodworking projects.

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