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Try Anti-Fatigue Mats…your feet will thank you!

In a recent woodworking article and video on this blog, Let’s Install Wood Inlay Bandings I mentioned the use of anti fatigue mats during a woodworking procedure. The situation called for me to be in one place for quite a hours as I would be working at my workbench fitting and installing wood inlay bandings into the dadoes of twelve picture frames. To be more efficient I moved my bandsaw with a mobile base closer to my bench where I could simply turn 180 degrees from the band saw to the workbench. It sure beats walking back and forth. Plus it saves time.

Having read the article and watched the woodworking video a viewer named Dan asked a few questions about the rubber anti-fatigue mats that are in my workshop. He also stated that his feet get quit tired and sore when standing on a concrete floor in the shop. So, I responded to Dan and I also thought it would be worthwhile to write a review on these feet saving floor mats to share with you.

Interlock mats for the shop.

Anti-fatigue mats for the woodworking shop

Each package of mats contains 4 individual mats. Each 24″ x 24″ mat has interlocking tabs that allow it to be joined with another mat. With one package you can can create a 2′ x 8′ area of cushion at your workbench if you choose or a 4′ x 4′ area. If you like you can make two areas of comfort that are 2′ x 2′ as the interlocking tabs make this system very flexible.

To give you an example I purchased two packages of these anti-fatigue mats. I have two workbenches where each has three mats connected together creating a 2′ x 6′ area. Also, there is a single mat in front of my table saw and a single mat in front of my wood lathe. It’s been over two years now that these mats have been in my shop and they simply make life easier.

Anti-fatigue mats for the workbench

Anti-fatigue mats for the woodworking shop

Here’s why the mats are a welcome addition in the woodworking shop.
1.) During the winter or summer they insulate the feet from heat and cold.
2.) Obviously, the mats cushion the feet.
3.) Tools are protected from damage when they fall from the workbench.
4.) The mats are easy to clean.
5.) Total installation is 15-30 seconds.
6.) They can easily be moved if need be.
7.) If you like, they can easily be glued in place permanently.
8.) They are inexpensive.

In summary when you decide to order the anti-fatigue mats you will feel like it was money well spent. Plus, your feet, legs, and back will thank you.

What are your thoughts on anti-fatigue mats?
What kind of mats do you have in your workshop?

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  1. T Woodbury Sr. says

    I have found that Harbor Freight Tools has the cheapest price on these floor mats, watch for them to be on sale. I have them in front of my lathe and work benchs where I will be standing for any long periods of time. Just another ” shop tool” that will make life a little easier in sawdust heaven.

  2. T Woodbury Sr.

    Thanks for sharing with everyone!

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