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Creating Picture Frame Moulding

How To Make Picture Frame Moulding


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The Importance of Picture Frame Moulding 


How to Make Picture Frame Moulding made in the Woodworking Shop - how to make picture frame moulding

Picture Frame Moulding made in the Woodworking Shop

Many of us are surrounded with pictures that we cherish. We may have pictures of family and friends throughout the years. Then again we may have photographs of special occasions such as births, weddings, or graduations. Simply put, we have pictures and art work that are everyday reminders of many pleasant thoughts and memories. In this woodworking video and article we are focused on how to make picture frame moulding that we have created in the workshop.


Picture Frame Moulding made in the Wood Shop

Now, it is easy to drive over to the nearest discount store or frame shop to purchase a picture frame, however we as woodworkers have a tremendous advantage. However, we can learn how to make picture frame moulding and frames right in our woodworking shop. We can be creative and make unique picture frame mouldings and custom frames for our own collection of pictures. We have many choices of woods and wood tones from which to select. We can also embellish our frames as we see fit. Moreover, we can take pride in using our acquired skills to make our own custom picture moulding and frames.


Picture Frame Moulding Profiles


For our picture frame moulding we are using a 3/4″ roundover bit in the router table and we are also using dado blades in the table saw. The dado blades will cut a rabbet and it will also cut a dado that will house a decorative wood inlay.

In the woodworking video we can see how the woodworker takes a flat board and turns it into picture frame moulding ready to be mitered. We can pay attention to how the woodworker sets up featherboards to control the cutting action on the router table and on the table saw. Then we can view how a sacrificial fence is used when cutting dadoes on the table saw and also how push sticks are utilized for safety.

Best of all, once the picture frame is complete with picture and hanging on the wall we will also have the enjoyable memory of our time well spent being creative and productive in the woodworking shop.


For more information on making picture frames see…How to Make Picture Frames with Wood Inlay.

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