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24…Band Saw Rip Fence made in the Shop

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”
Plato….Ancient Greek Philosopher…(428 BC-348 BC)

Shopmade Band Saw rip fence

Front view Band Saw rip fence

The band saw rip fence is an invaluable saw accessory that is easy to build and provides for the safe operation when ripping low profile material. This at certain times cannot be provided by the manufacturer’s band saw fence. Obviously, when working at the tool the woodworker wants to limit the exposure of the band saw blade for reasons of safety. The workshop made band saw fence provides for safety by allowing the band saw guide bearing assembly to be lowered down to just above the horizontal rip fence. This happens because the L-shaped rip fence has side clearance for the bearing assembly to be raised and lowered. As a result, there is less band saw blade exposure to the hands of the woodworker. Join me as we learn how to make a band saw rip fence in the workshop.

The band saw rip fence proved to be quite useful for Hardwood Inlays made in the Woodworking Shop.

The fence is simple to build and scrap in the woodworking shop can be used for its construction. MDF was used for this fence because that’s what was readily available. However, plywood or similar material can be used also. Make sure that your choice of material is straight and flat. It will just take you 10 minutes to create the band saw fence and once you make it you will wonder why you did not make one sooner.

1.) Rip two strips of your chosen material on the table saw to your desired width and cut them to the length of your band saw.

2.) Create an L-shape fence by adding some yellow glue and then use pin nailer to fasten it.

3.) Add a ripping of hardwood (like oak or maple) to the edge of the band saw rip fence nearest the saw blade. This will provide a usable surface for years to come.

Note: The shop made band saw rip fence can be clamped to the manufacturer’s fence or it can be clamped to the band saw table when allowing for drift of the band saw blade.

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  1. diggerjacks says

    Hello Bob

    Here is a very good jig.

    I think I will made one like this this week end because I will cut a lot off small pieces of wood

    Thanks for sharing and for the idea
    The safety is very important

    Have a nice day

  2. Diggerjacks…Great to see you! You will enjoy jig as it is very safe and quite efficient. You are very welcome and thanks for your support. Enjoy.

  3. I have been getting a message that states that the Tube press failed to inialise and it saays more that I can’t remember. Its from the webpage. Most ot Your site isn’t working. I miss seeing the content. Thank You, Wondering if I need to rejoin, or what is happening?

  4. Howard,
    Thanks for letting me know. There’s no need to rejoin or anything. The site is open to everyone. I am able to get the site on various computers and the videos are working here ok. I am unsure why this is happening for you. Just a suggestion…try the site on another browser and see if that works for you. Hope it does. Let me know.

    If anybody else is having difficulty with the site or the videos…please let me know.

  5. Bob,

    Thanks for the video and the wright up , I currently don;t have a rip fence for my bandsaw and was considering just building one. I’ll put yours on the idea list for sure.


  6. David,

    You’re quite welcome. It’s ready to be used in 10 minutes and will serve you well for a long time.


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