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Hardwood Inlays made in the Woodworking Shop

“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”
…Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Segments of a custom inlay.

As we near the holidays it’s time to start planning ahead for gifts that will be made in the woodworking shop. In the picture you can see many wood segments that have been cut on the dedicated miter sled for the table saw. It’s quite important that the angles of the segments are consistent so that they line up tightly within the decorative wood pattern. However, this job is quite easy to accomplish with the miter sled and a stop block. This particular pattern is referred to as “Wolf’s Tooth” according to page 136 of Pierre Ramond’s tremendous book, Marquetry. These segments will be glued together and sandwiched between two laminated strips of of holly and walnut. This “wood sandwich” will wind up being sliced on the band saw and the strips will become known as wood inlay bandings. (The custom wood inlay banding to be created will be part of a DIY wood project, the making of picture frames.)

A Stop Block on the Miter Sled

In the photo to the right the stop block controls the length of the custom inlay segment and the 45 degrees angle is created by simply keeping the laminated wood strip flat against the miter fence. When an angle is cut the strip of laminated wood is then flipped over to make make another angled cut. This forms another segment. From this point it is simply repetition as many segments are needed to create the wood inlay bandings.

Once the wooden inlays are created the woodworker is free to inlay furniture, embellish picture frames, or perhaps inlay boxes. It’s just a matter of letting one’s imagination express itself to create a one of a kind piece.

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Watch the following wood inlay videos:

Creating bandings for wood inlay

Wood Inlay…the Bandings are ready

How to install Wood Inlay

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