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The 5 Most Important Power Tools in my Woodworking Shop

As a beginning woodworker I was fortunate to have attended a two year woodworking/carpentry program. I was even more blessed to have a wonderful man named Mr. Wagner as an shop instructor during this time. He was the best. There were 12 students in the class and we learned how to use hand and power tools. We started off by learning to use and maintain basic and specialty hand tools and then we eventually moved on to using the woodworking stationary dado, dado sled, power woodworking tools, woodworking tools, machines.

It was then that I decided that I would have my own woodworking shop and I started to think about what tools for woodworking I would want for my shop. Interestingly enough, my choice of the 5 best woodworking machines is still the same today as it was back then. The power woodworking tools that follow are listed in the order of importance in my shop.

Table Saw
The table saw is the heart of the wood shop as so many functions can be performed especially with the use of woodworking jigs and sleds. (Miter Sled and Dado Sled.)

The jointer is great acquiring a flat, smooth, and straight surface. It can be a narrow edge or as wide as the jointer knives.

The planer works well for surfacing and dimensioning material quickly. Start with a jointed surface and make the opposite surface parallel.

Band Saw
The band saw is wonderful for cutting straight, cutting curves, or slicing wood veneer.

Drill Press
The drill press when set up with a drill press table is very accurate for boring holes along with other functions such as sanding.

Recommended Video… Let’s Build a Drill Press Table

When it comes to power tools my shop woodworking revolves around these wood machines.

Your choices may indeed differ than mine and that’s OK as woodworkers have a variety needs in this wood craft. There are a few woodworking tools that I absolutely love that I left off this list such as the wood lathe, the open end drum sander, and a good compound mitre saw. For me they would be a close 6, 7 and 8.

Just curious tho…What would be your top 5 power woodworking tools for the shop?

The Apprentice and The Journeyman University

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  1. Jim Elliott says

    Having reached a point in my retirement that hopefully will permit me to devote my time to doing some woodworking both for myself and possibly to sell on a small scale. I find this blog very interesting. I have some of the equipment listed and a couple of others. In particular a radial arm saw that I find extremely useful; and, a router. Also I have recently purchased that never mentioned piece of equipment. A Kreg Pocket Hole jig. I am looking at several existing plans in hopes of converting them to the pocket hole system.

  2. Jim…

    The interesting thing about our craft is that so many people are involved and so we have a variety of interests from which to share. The tools that I choose for my shop is based around my personal interests and certainly the same could be said for your tools and your interest.
    The Kreg Pocket Hole jig perhaps is gaining more attention as time goes on and I have to believe more and more people are using the system.
    Thanks very much for your interest and your support!

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