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Congratulations to!

There are now 20,000 Lumberjocks members on This woodworking website was created by Martin Sojka. The following is a quote from Martin.

“I was dreaming about reaching 100 LumberJocks one day when I launched this website in 2005… Then, when it got going, 1,000 seemed likely but 20,000? No way! Fast forward to July 2010 and it’s party time once again in our family of 20,000 LumberJocks. I’m thankful and overcome with happiness that you decided to make this online community part of your life.

Sometimes I come across a post about ‘the good old days’. Yes, ‘the old days’ were really good but despite our huge growth I’m sure that our core essence is still intact and it will prevail. This woodworking community is still about creating, sharing, inspiring, motivating and learning. As a result, you can admire more fantastic projects and follow more successful woodworking stories every day.

I assure you that great news and updates are coming soon and that I will always strive to preserve our unique LumberJocks spirit.”

Thank you Martin for creating a terrific site and a wonderful woodworking online community. Here’s to your continued success and to the further success of fellow woodcrafters known as Lumberjocks !

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  1. I happen to be a lumberjock, as well. i am enjoying the subject of overlays and inlays. keep it comming:)

  2. Howard…Thanks for the visit and the acknowledgement ! It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the subject matter of bandings, overlays, and inlays as they are wonderful ways to dress-up a woodworking project. Welcome to the site as it’s always enjoyable to have a fellow Lumberjock. We’ll keep it coming for you.

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