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How to install Wood Inlay Bandings

How to Install Decorative Wood Inlay Bandings

Decorative Wood Inlay Bandings on a picture frameThis woodworking video offers a tutorial of how to install decorative wood inlay bandings into the face of a mahogany picture frame. The workshop made wood inlay bandings are comprised of maple, walnut, and cherry veneers.

Note: The woodworker in this video demonstrates a highly effective and accurate method of installing wood inlay bandings into picture frames. The craftsman uses a shop made miter box along with a dovetail saw to cut the miter joints of the bandings by hand. The sanding and fitting of the wood inlay bandings is performed with a large sanding block that has a sanding belt from a belt sander. Once the the wood inlay is fit, it is then glued in place. When the glue sets, the picture frame is sent through an open drum sander so that the bandings and the face of the picture frames are leveled with one another. As you will see in the later wood inlay videos, the woodworker cuts the miters of the wood inlay bandings on the band saw using a band saw miter sled.

Picture frames with decorative wood inlay bandings

You know how it is when you have a special photo of family or friends and you want to have an equally special frame for it. We as woodworkers have a tremendous advantage because we can create the picture frame to match the occasion. Also, we can select the woods that we want to set the mood for the picture as well as create the style that we want for the picture frame. On top of that we can even embellish our woodworking project with a custom made wood inlay banding if we choose. A custom wood inlay just takes a little thought, desire, and patience. The end result to create wood inlay bandings with wonderful designs. It is within the reach of all of us.

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