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Mastering the Miter Joint

How to Make a Miter Joint

Perfect Miter Joint made with a table saw miter sledA miter joint is one of the most common wood joints. This woodworking tutorial features a woodworking video on cutting a perfect miter joint. If you’ve done carpentry or woodworking there probably was a time or two that the fitting of a  miter joint was a challenge. Maybe you have been cutting miter joints using a miter saw. This video shows a better way of how the miter joint can be cut. It  fits with great accuracy and is done safely. It can be performed with ease every single time by employing the table saw miter sled. The woodworking technique is predictable and duplicatable. Watch the video and learn how to make a great miter joint.

What if you could take your wood projects to another level? Now you can. You can feel comfortable cutting one miter or hundreds of miter joints as the table saw miter sled method ensures accuracy and efficiency. Simply follow the techniques used in the woodworking video. As you will see, all four of the miter cuts line up the way they are supposed to. A woodworker can cut perfect miter joints every single time using this woodworking system.

Note: Prior to the demonstration of building the picture frame a new Woodworker II saw blade was installed on the tablesaw. A Wixey digital angle gauge was used to calibrate the saw blade to ensure it would be set at 90 degrees to the table saw bed. This is a must to achieve the correct miter angles.

Perfect Miter Joint secured with an Ulmia spring pinch clamp - Miter Joint ClampsNotice how the Ulmia spring pinch clamps were used to hold the miters together during glue up. These miter joint clamps are invaluable as they provide adequate pressure to hold the miter joint. Simply find a place on your woodworking bench, glue and align the joints, and open and close the Ulmia pinch clamps. It saves time and it’s that easy. (You’ll love these pinch clamps. I highly recommend them as they hold the miter joint tight while the glue sets. You’ll be glad to have them.)

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How to Make Perfect Miter Joints

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  1. m smithies says

    i was not able to view this video on this site, is it available elsewhere like on youtube?
    i am new to woodworking and am a painter, i go once a week to a woodworking shop that is run by volunteers to help teach disabled people such as myself some woodworking. It is a TETRA program here in vancouver, BC. atm i am learning to make frames for my many paintings. so far has done 3 different types of frames. my corners still need serious help…or is it normal to have to use wood filler? and quite a bit of it ? lol

    thanks, m

  2. after a few more tries i was able to view the video, appreciate it, it helps me a lot.
    i will share with the crew.

    have a super day, m

  3. Like painting woodworking is a skill. The woodworking techniques as demonstrated in the video allow the woodworker to make perfect miter joints each and every time.

    If you learn how to build an accurate miter sled for the table saw, you will not have a need for wood filler. Take your time when building the sled. Select flat material for the base and straight grained wood for the fences. Follow the video closely and you will be making excellent miter joints for your picture frames.
    Good luck with it.

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