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Wood Inlay Bandings…Making a Statement

Wood Inlay Bandings

wood inlay bandings and picture frames

The picture frames with wood inlay bandings are of African mahogany with walnut splines that accent the miter joints. These picture frames and wood inlay banding have been made from scratch in the woodworking shop. As you can see wood inlay bandings can make quite a statement when applied in your woodworking project. On one hand the wooden picture frames would be plenty nice on their own, however the wood design created by the pattern within the wood inlay bandings provides an eye catching and distinctive contrast. The ornamental qualities of the wood inlay  seems to persuade one to come closer to take a better look. Perhaps this is the very reason why inlay has been used by various cultures over the millenniums to adorn and embellish anything from the neck and body of a fine guitar to the tombs of Pharaohs from ancient Egypt.


Bandsaw technique used to cut segments for Wood Inlay BandingsWood inlay bandings come in many styles, patterns, and sizes. While one can purchase inlay bandings online or in a woodworking catalog, it is actually more rewarding when a woodworker makes their own custom bandings. Yes, it does take some time and a bit of patience. However, that is what woodworking is all about. A woodworker can make wood inlay patterns using basic hand tools or power tools.



Barber Pole Wood Inlay BandingsIf you decide to follow this woodworking blog, you can easily see how the techniques and inlay patterns used to create bandings have evolved over time. You will find that the band saw has become an integral tool employed in the making of decorative wood inlay bandings. When you study this information, you will undoubtedly discover original and useful woodworking techniques that can help you immensely when you decide to create your own wood inlay bandings. If you have read this far, it is time to get started making your own bandings. Let me know how it works out for you.


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