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How to Install Decorative Wood Inlay Bandings

How to Install Decorative Wood Inlay Bandings

Decorative wood inlay bandings ripped on the bandsawWe’ve created the decorative wood inlay bandings for our latest wood project, a pair of picture frames. This woodworking video shows how to inlay these shop made wood inlay bandings. In the tutorial, watch the complete inlay process of cutting, fitting, and gluing the wood inlay bandings into the channels of the African mahogany frames. It requires time and patience. However, as you will see that it 1s time well spent.

The woodworking video shows how the woodworker cuts miter joints for the  wood inlay bandings using a fine toothed dovetail saw along with a shop made miter box. This combination leads to a nice fitting miter joint. Glue will be added once all the decorative wood inlay bandings have been dry fitting within the picture frame. Then each banding is seated into position by means of a scrap wooden block being tapped by a hammer.

Picture frames with decorative wood inlay bandings pass through the open drum sander.After the glue has firmly setup it is time to send the picture frames and their wood inlay bandings through the open drum sander. The sander will level the wood inlay bandings flush to the surface of the mahogany picture frames. The craftsman will complete the sanding task with a sanding block and will hand sand with a series of various grits of sandpaper.



Wood inlay bandings , pictures frames, and sanding sealerAll sanding dust will be removed and an application of SealCoat sanding sealer will be applied. Once again the picture frames along with the decorative wood inlay bandings will receive a light sanding with 320 wet and dry sandpaper. Finally, the wood finish for the picture frames will be numerous coats of  Arm-R-Seal satin.



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