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Creating Decorative Wood Inlay Bandings

Learn How to Make Decorative Wood Inlay Bandings

Creating decorative wood inlay bandings Everybody enjoys the way that decorative wood inlay bandings can embellish a woodworking project whether it be a picture frame, jewelry box, or a fine piece of custom made furniture. When a woodworker notices the wood inlay bandings it is only natural for him or her to check out the pattern and to try to figure out how the banding was made. Some woodworkers may ask “Was the inlay banding created on the table saw or the band saw?”

Some of the decorative wood inlay bandings are of rather elegant and simple designs while other ornamental bandings can be quite complex. While there is usually plenty of information regarding woodworking in general, when it comes to making decorative wood inlay bandings, there is very little available to use as a reference. The goal of The Apprentice and The Journeyman is to figure out the processes used by the craftsmen who created decorative wood inlay bandings. It is also the goal of this woodworking blog to share these techniques and banding patterns with to fellow woodworkers.

a Block Plane cleans the decorative wood inlay bandingsInlaid wood has been around for thousands of years. For example, the Egyptians, Chinese, Persians, and other cultures used inlay millenniums ago to embellish their works and today the art of inlay is still around. One might ask the question “If wood inlay has been around for so long, why is it that there is so little information available on how to make decorative wood inlay bandings?

Now, 0ne could say it’s easy enough just to purchase decorative wood inlay bandings for my woodworking projects from an online catalog. That’s true, but why not just make them? One can learn a new skill and also be proud of their own creations.

A pair of decorative wood inlay bandingsThe woodworking video accompanying this post will show you the process  used to create decorative wood inlay bandings of hardwood. Many of the decorative wood inlay bandings are not really difficult to make although they do require a bit of time, planning and patience.  If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to let me know.

Update: Keep in mind that the processes and techniques used for creating decorative wood inlay bandings evolve over time. The choice of power tools used may also change. It is the goal of this woodworker and blogger to share these any and all of these improvements with you in the upcoming posts.)

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