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Segmented Woodturning a Vase on a Wood Lathe

Segmented Woodturning – a Vase

A turned segmented vase on a wood lathe - segmented woodturning

Working on the wood lathe with a segmented woodturning such as this polychromatic vase is an exhilarating experience  for a woodturner. Lathe tools shape the segmented rings of cherry, maple, and walnut and this along with sanding creates a smooth surface for this woodturning project. To create an even smoother surface the wood turner can grab some of the wood shavings and carefully hold it against the segmented woodturning project thus creating a burnished surface.

Once the segmented woodturning is completely sanded and burnished the dust will be completely blown away with the aid of an air compressor. A wood finish will then be applied to the vase while the wood lathe is turning at a slow rpm.

Remember to always be careful around the wood lathe while it is turning wood. Make sure you don’t have any loose clothing, jewelry, hair, etc. that can suddenly be caught by the spinning lathe. Safety first always!

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