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Segmented Woodturning – Gluing and Aligning wood rings

Segmented Wood Turning – Gluing and Aligning Wood Rings


Segmented woodturning requires a strategy. When it is time for stacking the segmented rings and applying wood glue, this is especially true.  We want to make sure that the pattern that we are creating is aligned correctly. For beginning woodworkers and experienced woodworkers this can be a challenge at times.

Segmented woodturning - Gluing and aligning segmented rings.Here’s one method that can be used for gluing and aligning wood rings in segmented woodturning. Glue and align a ring to the segmented bowl or vase and apply mild downward pressure using the drill press and the drill press table. The bottom ring is now aligned and the yellow glue is setting up. In this photo you can see the importance of how the vertical spacers of walnut are aligned. Keep in mind that this alignment needs to be accurate all the way around the vase.  In this picture the drill press is used with just enough downward pressure to allow the the yellow glue to get a good bond. Of course, if a craftsman wants to he could also make a clamping device that incorporates a press screw. This will also serve the same purpose.

Spring clamps used for gluing & aligning the wood rings of a segmented woodturning

In the photo to the left, spring clamps are used to secure the gluing and alignment of the wood rings of a segmented woodturning. It is important to spread the glue evenly on the ring surfaces. Be judicious about the amount of glue that is spread using an acid brush  because we want enough glue to create a good bond. Yet, too much glue is not beneficial. Once the glue is distributed, let it become somewhat tacky and then align the rings. Carefully apply the spring clamps for a good even pressure throughout.

Using this gluing and aligning technique allows the woodturner to create many  pairs of rings at once. After the glue of these segmented rings rings is set, the woodturner can begin to glue and align pairs of segmented rings together. This can save the craftsman time during this segmented woodturning process. Note: In many cases, it is not necessary to let the glue setup over night for this operation. Depending on the temperature and humidity in the woodworking shop, the glue may be setup enough within a few hours for the purpose of gluing and aligning. Of course, it is best to let the glue cure overnight. When the glue of the segmented woodturning is completely set, it can then be mounted to the wood lathe for turning.

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