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Segmented Woodturning – a Variety of Ring Sizes.

Segmented Woodturning – Ring Sizes

A variety of ring sizes - segmented woodturning

Some woodworkers wonder how to glue and clamp the rings for segmented woodturning projects. An adjustable hose clamp creates equal pressure for all the segment joints. The above photo shows how adjustable hose clamps are employed as clamping devices for the various sized segmented rings. As you can see some wood rings are stacked to give an idea of the developing shape. All the rings still need to be flattened on one side on the open drum sander.  They will be dimensioned to a parallel and uniform thickness at this time. The rings can then be aligned and glued one ring at a time. Once the yellow glue sets another ring can then be added and glued. It is then just a matter of repeating this process.

Segmented woodturning ring

The segmented rings for this segmented woodturning project will be aligned, stacked, and glued to form a vase. However, this is also the same wood turning procedure that a woodworker would employ to make a segmented bowl. The craft of segmented woodturning is cutting and fitting all these pieces of wood segments and getting tights joints so that a wooden bowl or vase has a basic shape. At least 80% of the work is cutting, fitting, and gluing the various wood segments. Then it is up to the woodturner to mount the piece to the wood lathe and then shape the woodturning project using various turning tools. Then it is a matter of sanding and then finishing the woodworking project to one’s satisfaction.

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