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Diamond Wood Inlay Banding

Diamond Wood Inlay Banding   Part 2 Shop-made Wood Inlay Banding   Wood inlay banding with the diamond pattern can be made in the woodworking shop. However, up to now there has been little if any information available on how to make wood inlay banding with the diamond pattern. (You can read all about making […]

Routing Wood with a Router Template

Routing Wood the Easy Way   Routing wood for wood inlay requires using a router in a controlled manner. One of the challenges of using a wood router is making sure that the spinning router bit stays within the desired area to be cut. Using a router template is a great way to ensure that […]

Using a Router for Wood Inlay

Using a Router to Inlay a Compass Rose   The woodworker is using a router in this woodworking article to create a recess in mahogany. This recess will house a compass rose veneer that was previously sliced on the band saw. Now, a Dewalt DWP611PK compact plunge router with a 1/4 inch straight router bit is used […]

Finish Work Methods for an Inlaid Picture Frame

Finish Work Methods for Lasting Beauty   Finish Work Methods Include Surface Preparation   Finish work methods can make all the difference in a woodworker’s project. One of the major challenges for the beginning woodworker, intermediate woodworker, or even an experienced longtime woodworker can be the ability to achieve a satisfactory wood finish. Surface preparation […]

Card Scraper for Wood Inlay Bandings

Card Scraper for a Smooth Surface   Card Scraper: An Inexpensive Tool of Great Value   A card scraper is an inexpensive tool of flat steel. It is about the size of a index card and is used by the woodworker in the woodworking shop. The edges of this tool are polished and then a burnisher […]

The Art of Wood Inlay Banding

The Art of Wood Inlay Banding   The art of wood inlay banding is a lost art. While many people are thrilled to see furniture, jewelry boxes, and pictures frames adorned with wood inlay banding, the truth is, very few woodworkers know how to make their own decorative wood inlay banding. Yes, of course a […]

Wood Patterns for Inlay Bandings

Wood Patterns for Inlay Bandings Wood patterns for inlay banding are varied. That’s one of the pleasures of making wood inlay banding. There are so many wood patterns to from which to choose. There are also so many wood choices to choose from when creating a wood pattern for inlay banding.     Learn How […]

How to Glue Wood Inlay Banding

Learn How to Glue Wood Inlay Banding   Learn how to glue up wood inlay banding in the workshop. An important aspect which is critical to the success of the wood inlay banding project is how to glue up and clamp the wood segments. Watch this YouTube video to learn how the woodworker uses a […]

Using Push Sticks for Safe Woodworking

Push Sticks – Develop a Safe Habit   Push sticks are essential woodworking accessories. If a woodworker is going to work with power tools like a table saw, band saw, jointer, or router table, it is an excellent idea to have a variety of push sticks on hand. (Under the general heading of “push sticks” […]

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